Tuesday, April 5, 2016


The most meaningful and enduring relationships in life are cast in the stone of the most simple things. Not in grandiose establishments or settings. But in simple words about simple things, simple events and simple memories. Like the day you tripped on the podium at church, and then somebody was as if on standby to prevent the worst from hapenning. Then you ended up getting married. And then you remember this when on holiday with kids in Dubai.

Life is made up of small grains of very valuable things. But people are busy chasing after the big,  the grandiose in  cars , in houses and in social circles we like to be seen in.

 High visibility syndromes. But completely missing the point. Just as the mind hungers after visibility, the soul  cries for the little, often forgotten corners of our lives. The poem the little girl wrote for her mom on her birthday.Or the beggar by the side of the road who can transform the love you show them into the fortune of a lifetime. The songs on a simple guitar sitting on the lawn in the evening at home. The small crowd at church. Or the small garden path in the rural areas, with birds flying around, and small insects scurrying away for their safety.

Life is made up of those small grains. A good pile of those small grains is a life well lived.


Mr Masimba Manyanya

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  1. Socrates was certainly writing in reference to the now generation


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